by: Pricklestar

Chapter 1Edit

Alaria sniffed the fresh air.

“Hi, Mika, nice day, Liz!” Alaria mewed, spotting Mika's brown pelt at the edge of her fence. Mika nodded in reply and went on talking to her friend Liz. Liz and Mika were the gossiping pair. They were always spreading rumours or making there little gang pick on others. Everyone worshipped Mika and Liz, except for Alaria. Alaria decided she would visit Patrica, who lived on the edge of town. She didn't even know who Mika and Liz were.

She was stopped, though, by Dove.“Hey, Aaria! Want to go see Soot? He came out of his nest to greet us!” Dove's eyes had a dreamy look to them. Soot was the most handsome tom around, with his light grey striped pelt and dreamy amber eyes. All the she-cats mooned over him, even Alaria liked him. Alaria nodded slowly. She would see Soot then visit Patrica. Dove beckoned Alaria with her tail and soon there was a whole group of she-cats going to see Soot. There was Ivy, Liz, Mika, Dove, Julia, Snowy, Whiskers and herself all dashing through the fence and into Soot's yard where there was already a few cats there.

"OMG, he is coming our way!" Mika mewed her blue eyes on Soot who was dashing towards them.

"Hi, Mika! I was thinking about going and visiting the park, would you like to join me?" He mewed, politely. Mika blinked at him, sweetly and meowed, "Sure."

Anger bubbled up in Alaria's belly. Why does Mika get all the good stuff?

Liz looked angry too. "Hey can I come too?" Liz asked, hurriedly. Soot purred, "Of course, Liz and-" Soot paused "-Alaria can come too."

Alaria almost fainted. Mika shot her a disgusted glance. Soot beckoned her with his tail. At this point Alaria didn't know what to do.

"I-I, um, okay," Alaria mewed and quickly hurried over to Soot. She had never been this close to him before. What about Patrica? a voice asked inside her head. It's not like she is expecting me!

Alaria fell in beside Liz. Liz was nicer than Mika. Liz gave Alaria an angry look. "I don't want to be seen walking with a loser," She sniffed. Liz lifted her fluffy bronze coloured head high, her light amber eyes, slits.

"Is there a problem, Liz?" Soot asked, his eyes faintly amused. Liz's eyes widened and she shook her head.

"Any news?" Alaria asked her. Liz shook her head... a little too fast. "You sure?" Alaria pested.

"Okay, don't tell Mika, but I met this really nice tom," Liz replied, her eyes full of affection. "He's a loner," Liz added even more quietly.

Chapter 2Edit

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