Affiliation: MoonClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Warrior
Family: Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Mate: Bluepelt (Living)

Mentor(s): Stormtail
Apprentices: None
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: None
Blackear is a tom with a black ear, gray pelt with silver flecks and ice-blue eyes.

Facts About Blackear:

  • Bluepelt was his mate and she is expecting kits.
  • He died in a battle between WillowClan and MoonClan.
  • He was very young when he died, and wishes he could still be alive to see his kits.

Blackear was a very loyal cat. As an apprentice he was very mature so he always went on patrols with his mentor Stormtail. Blackear quickly became a warrior, then he met a beautiful she-cat named Bluepelt and he became her mate. They didn't want to have kits as soon as they became mates, so they waited. Four moons later, Bluepelt admited to Blackear that she was having kits. Blackear was very happy, but then became worried because things were very tense between MoonClan and WillowClan and he didn't want his kits to be born during a battle. Then a battle between the two did happen and Blackear died. Bluepelt still hasn't had her kits, but plans to name one of them Blackkit in honor of Blackear's bravery.