Brackenheart is a brown tom with light brown stripes and brown eyes. He is a warrior of GazeClan.

Facts about Brackenheart

  • He loves Gingerleaf, and she loves him, but pushes him away because she thinks he needs a mate who is more battle-advanced.
  • His brother, Otterstain, hates him, because he loved Gingerleaf.
  • Brackenpaw's prefix name 'heart' was requested by Gingerleaf.
  • Gingerpaw was stolen by a WillowClan rogue, Darkscar (Deceased) because he wanted to stir a fight with the two clans, but in love, Brackenpaw went against orders and rescued her, creating their love.
Affiliation: GazeClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mother: Rivereyes
Mentor(s): Moonstar
Apprentices: Dappleheart
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: None

When Brackenheart was in the midst of his first rouge ambush as a warrior, he saw Gingerpaw get taken down by a rouge. Outraged, he leaped to her defense, but two rogues held him down and made him watch and four other cats attacked Gingerpaw. As he saw Gingerpaw's eyes about to roll to the back of her head, he suddenly had all the strength of SpiritClan. Gingerpaw was stolen from him once, and it wouldn't happen again. He leaped up and tackled the other four, saving Gingerpaw from death. She was alive but knocked out. Once they returned to the camp, Moonstar deemed him a hero, and the Clan cheered for him. Later, he was on a patrol consisting of himself, Gingerleaf and Feathershade. They were attacked again, and this time even Feathershade herself couldn't save her Clanmates. As they all blacked out Brackenheart was taken away, since the rogues recognized him and not Gingerleaf. They took him to their home and woke him up. As they talked to him, a rogue suddenly leaped up and started clawing Brackenheart. The fight had begun. Just as Brackenheart was about to go down, three more rogues leaped up into the air. Only they were familiar. It was Gingerleaf, Moonstar, and Feathershade. Feahershade had already begun to take down the rogues. Moonstar and Gingerleaf dragged him away. As Moonstar went to help Feathershade, she realized that Feathershade had already sent them away. They dragged him home, he was barley awake. When he got back to camp his wounds were treated and he thanked everyone.