Cindermist is a gray she-cat with green eyes.

Facts About Cindermist:

Affiliation: BreezeClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Queen
Family: Unknown
Mentor(s): Ivystar
Apprentices: Stormprickle
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Cinderstorm
  • Her best friend is Stormprickle, who helps her alot.
  • Her mate ran off to be a kittypet before she found out she was having kits.
  • She wants to name one of the kits after her helpful friend; Stormprickle.

When Cindermist was younger, Ivystar was not leader yet and was just the deputy when she took Cindermist as an apprentice. Then BreezeClan's former leader passed away and Ivystar became leader. Cindermist loved being the leader's apprentice because she always got to help Ivystar out with minor tasks. Then when Cindermist was made a warrior, she mentored Stormprickle and they became best friends even though they had a big age differance.