How to Create a Proper Cat Page

By Moonstrike

Welcome, New User

As you are well aware this is a Wikia where you can chat, edit, roleplay, and create cats. This page is dedicated to the tutorial of creating proper cat pages/format. An great example of this format (called the (C)at (P)age (F)ormat) Canyonstar

To create the blue boxes for your cats information, please go here. Click 'edit' and copy and paste all of the coding. It should look like this:

Creating a Proper Cat Page
{{{image size}}}px
Affiliation: Clan
Past Affiliations: Other Clan (if any) or 'None'
Rank: Warrior, Apprentice, Leader, ect
Family: Mother:



Mentor(s): Name of cat here (desceased or living)
Apprentices: None or name of cat
Status: Alive or dead?
Roleplayed By: user: example

To add an image, click on the blue or red coding at the begining of the charart box. Once you click on it, it takes you to a new page, where you upload the image. Then give it a name (cat.png). Then leave the page and go back to your cat page. (It should already be published the edit the box, then type in 'cat.png). The preview to see that the picture shows up. If it does. Under it should be 'Image size: add 250x200. Publish it.

Then edit it again. Add a description of your cat, and his or her rank. Then create a "Facts about (cat here)". Then create 4-7 facts about your cat. Then create a short story, publish, and your done!