Derpclan cats are liek cats tht live on raibows and eat nyan catz

The cat that has a over 9000 derp level:

Toppercentageofrattatastar - Purple tom with cream chest. He lieks to party and durp with mudkipz. Rp'd by Foxhurp


Muddykip - A blue she-cat with a lighter chest. she also lieks to party and durp with rattatas. Rp'd by Mooneh

Random old healer dude:

Hipsterheart - she's liek rainbow Rp'd by Foxeh


Derpachu - a yellow she-cat with red cheeks. she haz a green bandana. rp'd by Foxy

Derpspark - a green-blue tom with a cream chest and muzzle. when he's fighting, fire shoots out of his back. rp'd by Fox


Derps in training:

Derpskit- A yellow-orange-blue-green tom -very ugly- with black eyes. He is very ugly and goes around trolling. Rp'd by Cinderrrrrr(;

Senior Derps:

Pippler - Blue, white, yellow, she-cat with black and white eyes. Is in love with Piplup but sercretly loves Eevee. Rp'd by Dapples


You can Rolplay your DerpClan cat here.


Master Derp

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