Doveclaw Doveclaw is a light grey she-cat with dark green eyes.

Facts about Doveclaw:

Affiliation: Place of Fallen Stars
Past Affiliations: Rogue
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mother: Link

Father: Bone


Kits: Tinyflower, Rosefoot

Mentor(s): Fallowfur
Apprentices: None
Status: Deceased
Roleplayed By: none

  • She is the mother of Tinyflower and Rosefoot
  • She was once a rogue
  • her mother was Link her father Bone

Doveclaw was born a rogue but her mother didn't like her and cast her into the river. There her clan found her. She was given Fallowfur her mentor and trained to be a warrior. Doveclaw hated her mother for casting her away but was also thankful because she was part of a clan now. After she became a warrior she met another warrior who was full of hate, like she was. His name was Redblood. The clan already knew Redblood was evil, but were to afraid to exile him. Redblood saw Doveclaw's affection for him and forced her to be his mate. Doveclaw had two kits, Tinykit and Rosekit. From the start Doveclaw hated Tinykit not just because she was small but because she looked exactly like Doveclaw's mother, Link. Redblood and Doveclaw favoured Rosefoot even though Rosefoot wasn't ambitious or evil. Rosefoot was just plain wierd. She talked wierd, smiled wierd. She thought wierd thoughts and asked odd questions. But because she was her mother's favorite, she wasn't an outcast.

When Redblood told Doveclaw of his plans to over-throw the leader, Doveclaw told the leader of his plans and the leader killed him on the spot. After this, Doveclaw was furious with herself for being the cause of her own mate's death. Doveclaw was visited by Redblood in her dream and he told her that if she joined the the place of fallen stars, he would forgive her. Doveclaw accepted and was used in many plans to over-throw the leader. Tinyflower soon joined, too, becuase she was angry about the way she was treated. Doveclaw was sumonded to kill Shadeflight, a queen. Doveclaw failed and died. Now she lives in the place pf fallen stars with her forgiving yet cruel mate Redblood.

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