Affiliation: MoonClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Warrior
Family: Unknown currently.
Mentor(s): Unknown currently.
Apprentices: Unknown currently.
Status: Alive.
Roleplayed By: Stoneclaw
Echosplash is a pretty, thick-furred white she-cat with black patches and flecks, icey-blue eyes, a scarred muzzle, and a bushy tail.


Coming Soon

Summary of EchosplashEdit


Echosplash is a very intelligent, energetic young she-cat who is alert and aware of her surroundings. She has a reputation-always, at the head of battle patrols, her clever mind thinks up of sneaky and unique strategy to defeat the opponent. Though she can be grumpy on certain days, and a clever fighter, she is always thinking of others and her Clan, and is very loyal, but will do anything to do what's right. In her free time, she is often racing with her friends and hunting. She has a fair, caring, and honest attitude to all, but is strict when needed to be. Although, angry and nasty thoughts can come to her head, and will always remember anybody who had betrayed or mistreated her, keeping a life-long grudge. This can render her to be cocky, and will never stop once she sets down a goal-which be good, yet bad. It is noted that she is extremely untrusting of others, but still treats all honestly, and with respect.

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