Fallowkit Tweaked2
Affiliation: WillowClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Kit
Family: Father: Cloudflight

Mother: Petalwhisper

Brother: Rainkit

Mentor(s): None
Apprentices: None
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: None

Fallowkit is a fluffy she-cat with light green eyes and brown fur with gray patches. She and her brother are kits of GazeClan.

Facts about Fallowkit:

  • She first opened her eyes when she was guided out of the nursery at night to go star gazing with her brother.
  • Her and her brother are very close. Almost inseperable.
  • She loves the stars, since she went star gazing when she first opened her eyes.

Fallowkit was glad to have opened her eyes so she could look straight at the stars. They were amazing. They almost seemed to whisper to her. Even in her sleep Fallowkit had dreams about the stars and the clouds. Once she had a dream about SpiritClan. They told her nursery tales about the stars and how the Clans came to be. They fed her knowledge of these tales in her sleep for about 1 and a half moons. She is very greatful that they told her stories and hasnt forgotten them.

Over moons Fallowkit has shared her stories with kits and elders of the Clan. She is happily on her way to becoming an apprentice.

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