Affiliation: Loners
Past Affiliations: Kittypet
Rank: none
Family: Sister: Molly
Mentor(s): none
Apprentices: none
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: none
Fang is a brown tom with red eyes. He is a Rogue.

Facts About Fang:

  • Fang is a member of a group of cats, who are rouges and hate twolegs, Kittypets and clan cats.
  • Fang used to be a kittypet, along with his sister Molly but were abandon when their twolegs moved.
  • Fang is always chased off by the clan cats, so he has a grudge towards them as well.

​Fang was born in a nice loving twoleg home, with his sister Molly. Soon after their birth, their family moved leaving him and his sister behind. They then became rogues, and decided they had to get back at the twolegs. Molly & Fang often get chased off by the clan cats, when trying to catch prey. They also hate kittypets because they think the twolegs should be forced to live alone.

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