Affiliation: GazeClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mother: Dovepool

Mate: Flamestripe

Kits: Rainpaw and Streampaw

Mentor(s): Fallowflint
Apprentices: Stormpaw
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: None

Feathershade is a GazeClan warrior with a grey pelt and yellow eyes. Her mate is Flamestripe. Her kits, Rainpaw and Streampaw, are newly made apprentices.

Facts about Feathershade

  • When she was made an apprentice, she had a strong desire to kill. But her mentor evened out her feelings.
  • She once snuck out to meet with her BreezeClan friend but they stopped, fearing they'd get caught.
  • She doesn't look into other Clan cats eyes, deep in thought about what their are saying.

When Feathershade was almost an apprentice, there had just been a battle and one of her clan mates had died. At that moment, she suddenly had a desire to kill. But when she was made an apprentice, her mentor told her that it’s not right to kill other cats for no reason. Then this feeling stopped, and she began meeting her BreezeClan friend, but then they stopped meeting; fearing they would be caught. Then Feathershade became a warrior, and she met her mate Flamestripe, and they had two kits who are new apprentices to GazeClan.