Affiliation: GazeClan
Past Affiliations: Kittypet
Rank: Leader
Family: Unnamed tom
Mentor(s): N/A
Apprentices: Unknown
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Moon

Gazestar is a black she-cat with white spots and grey eyes. She was the founder of GazeClan.

Facts about Gazestar:

  • She was the founder of GazeClan.
  • She and the 3 other founders of the Clans were origionaly kittypets.
  • SpiritClan choose her outside of the stream rock. This is unusual becuase SpiritClan only contacts cats if they make the journey to Streamrock.

Gaze was the last cat to assume charge in the Clans. Each cat was chosen to lead his or her Clan, but Gaze was choosen last. Gazestar worked hard to create peace within her Clan, since they were always fighting like rogues. When leaf-bare came, the Clans erupted into chaos.... Especialy GazeClan. GazeClan cats attacked other Clans against Gazestar's orders, untill GazeClan got a wake-up call from MoonClan. MoonClan finally attacked GazeClan out of annoyance and rage, since GazeClan cats were ruthless. Gazestar secretly welcomed an attack on her Clan, hoping it would be the final push to bring order in he Clan. And it did. Gazestar fought side by side with her Clan mates, causing her to loose her first life. After MoonClan retreated, the Clan mourned the loss of one of their leaders lifes, and saw hoe precious life was, and stuck together.

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