First Things First! Edit

Hey guys! Ok first of we will start with shading and Highlighting. When shading and highlighting there are certain places you do it. And there are spots that are optional, also there is no optional highlighting spots. Because if there was you charart would be messed up. Highlighting shading

Making A Plain Kitteh Edit

Alright. When you make a kitteh with just one colour nothing else it's simple. But always remember when you make a cat pure black don't make it all the way black alright? Use a almost black. More like dark gray, cause if you use pure pure black it ruins the whole charart. Same with shite, use a light gray. Ok Now we are going to make a brown kitteh with green eyes. Nothing more nothing less. Now this is the most easiest charart you could possiblly make in your life. Just get a brown colour and fill your whole cat in. It should look like this so far:

Step 1 in part 1

Next get a dark green colour and fill in his eyes. Thenmake the pupil how ever you want it with black:

Step 2 in part 1

Next highlight and shade. This shoukdnt be hard, Also highlight the eyes. Anyway you want to. It now should look like this:

Step 3 in part 1

Alright the last part. The ears! Its time to fill in some ears. Ok now you need to get a light pink and fill it in were the ear pink should go on a kitteh xD when you filled it in blur it and smudge it:

Step 4 in part 1

There we go! Now you have made a brown tom with green eyes! Now thats the first part of this tutorial. There is still a lot to come:)

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