Milkyspots used to live with her mother near a twoleg farm not too far away from the Clans. But then she and her mother ran into a badger and her mother was killed. Her father blamed Milkyspots for the tragedy and turned his back on her. Then a silver cat took her to her new to the Clans. Milkyspots became so excited and she ran too fast then got her ear stuck in a bush. When she freed her head she left a chunk of her ear behind. Now she lives at the edge of MoonClan territory wondering whether or not she should join them.

Affiliation: Loner
Past Affiliations: She has always been a loner.
Rank: Warrior/ Nursery Queen
Family: Mother: Heather

Father: Jacob

Mentor(s): Heather
Apprentices: None yet
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Jasminepetal

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