Welcome to Jetclan Edit

You are a lost kitty pet. You were born in a clan but some Two legs took you as an apprentice. You walk into a black and orange colored she-cat. She asks you why where you in the territory, who you are, and where you came from. She said her name was Goldenstar and she would be happy to let you in the clan. You met a lot of cats and they all seemed real nice. When you see the medics, Rainstorm and Willowpaw, they make you seem really safe. The deputy Leopardthorn greeted you with a warm welcome and made you feel like the whole clan respects you. You think, "I have a home in Jetclan now."

Jetclan Edit

Jetclan's territory is a big forest with a flowing river west of the forest. We are known for climbing trees, swimming, and catching fish. Our founder, Treetop, has wanted to be in a clan so much he actually made a clan instead. We don't fight that often and spend most of our time hunting and training. Jetclan is named by a cat, Jetclaw, who saved 3 kits in the river. Its mostly nice and warm and little fall.


Goldenstar Leader

Black with orange spots, green eyes

68 moons She-cat
Leopardthorn Deputy

Ginger with leopard prints, amber eyes 

55 moons Tom
Rainstorm Medic Smokey grey, yellow eyes 62 moons Tom
Willowpaw Med Apprentice Black, green eyes

15 moons

Jayclaw Warrior Tortishell, green eyes 19 moons Tom
Suntail Warrior Sand colored, amber eyes 19 moons Tom
Squirrelstrike Warrior Brown with sand spots 26 moons Tom
Hypernose Warrior Dark grey with black stripes, Green eyes  37 moons She-cat
Woollyfur Warrior White, Green 20 moons Tom
Thistletail Warrior Full grey, yellow eyes  20 moons Tom
Spottedstripe Warrior Tortishell, green eyes 44 moons She-cat
Longear Warrior Ginger, amber eyes 43 moons Tom
Silverclaw Warrior Grey with white paws, green eyes 44 moons She-cat
Jawpaw App Mentor: Leopardthorn Grey with black tail, blue eyes 16 moons She-cat
Gingerpaw App Mentor: Woollyfur Ginger, green eyes 9 moons She-cat
Thornpaw App Mentor: Silverclaw Black, amber eyes 9 moons Tom
Shrewpaw App Mentor: Longear White with ginger spots, yellow eyes 9 moons Tom
Frosttail Queen White, green eyes 41 moons She-cat
Lightpelt Queen White, green eyes 41 moons She-cat
Bluekit Kit Smokey grey, blue eyes 3 moons Tom
Frozenkit Kit White, blue eyes 3 moons She-cat
Redkit Kit Tortishell, blue eyes 3 moons Tom
Mousekit Kit Grey, blue eyes 3 moons She-cat
Riverkit Kit Smokey grey, blue eyes 5 moons She-cat
Nightkit Kit Black, blue eyes 5 moons Tom
Shinekit Kit Sand colored, blue eyes 5 moons She-cat
Moonkit Kit Black, blue eyes 5 moons She-cat
Tigerkit Kit Brown, bue eyes 5 moons Tom
Echolight Elder White, yellow eyes 78 moons She-cat
Crowtuft Elder Black, green eyes 82 moons To

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