Leafsong is a brown she-cat with white spots all over he body with green eyes. She was a warrior of GazeClan. She is currently a resident of SpiritClan.

Affiliation: SpiritClan
Past Affiliations: GazeClan
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mate: Hawkwing (Desceased)

Kit(s): Snowfeather Mallowpaw (desceaed)

Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentices: None
Status: Dead
Roleplayed By: None

Facts about Leafsong

  • She killed a cat in cold blood once, but doesnt regret it. She saw where he was heading in life.
  • She was his mate.
  • Leafsong loves the smell of leaves in leaf-fall.

Leafpaw was just made an apprentice when she fell in love with Hawkpaw. He loved her. They did everything together. He caught the birds and squirrels and she pinned him down during mock battles. In fights between the clans, he would save her, and they would send a cat speeding through the undergrowth as a team. Before they knew it Leafsong was expecting his kits. Once they born he was immidiatley disinterested. When they were made apprentices, Hawkwing wasnt even there. Leafsong snuck after to see what was keeping him from his daughters apprentice ceremony. And she saw. Hawkwing was attacking kittypets. According to other cats, Hawkwing had brutally injured medicine cats and apprentices. Leafsong was sad and angry. She knew what she had to do. Once the gather was over, she went a differant way home, to clear her head. And she heard snarls. Leafsong crouched down and was froze. Frozen as she watched Hawkwing murder Mallowpaw. her kits. She was to late. She got up from her hiding place and killed him. With no regrets. She retrieved Mallowpaws body and buried her, in the beautiful & peaceful scenery of the willow tree.

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