Mallowflight is a bright orange she-cat with pale green eyes and one white paw. She is a member of SpiritClan.

Facts about Mallowflight

  • Her mother is Sandmist
  • She is related to Cindermist in a very small way; they both had the same great great grandmother.
Affiliation: Spiritclan
Past Affiliations: Breezeclan
Rank: Warrior
Family: mate:Ravenfur

Kits: Stormprickle Dovekit Fernleaf

Mentor(s): Weatherfoot
Apprentices: Seedpaw
Status: dead
Roleplayed By: none

Mallowflight died saving her mother from a monster. Sadly this was in vain because shorty after, Sandmist died for an unknown reason. Mallowflight was a very kind she-cat and very stubborn as well. This making her a harsh mate, but if you could get to her heart she would be the best mate. Ravenfur did exactly that.

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