MoonClan is located on a island with a tall maple tree that almost touches the moon. MoonClan warriors are strong,
MoonClan Picture
brave, intelligent, and kind. They take care of each other and other Clans. Their alley is WillowClan. Even though a few moons back they had a horrendous fight that lead to many deaths, they resolved it, and became allies. MoonClan warrior's hunt: fish, rabbits, mice, voles, thrushes, and whatever else comes onto the island. They are able to go back on land by using a fallen tree. They are very close to SpiritClan. MoonClan is a new clan that joined the forest 8 seasons ago with Moonstar as their leader. Moonstar made MoonClan out of rogues, longers, and kittypets. MoonClan is thriving.



Dapplestar - A she-cat with a orange, brown, and white dappled coat with brown dazzling eyes.


Lionheart - A tom with a golden pelt, green eyes, & yellow paws with gold flecks.

Medicine Cat:

Spottyshine - A orange she cat with white spots all over her pelt.

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Diamondpaw - A light silver she-cat with soft green eyes.


Mossflower - A tortoiseshell she-cat with white with blue eyes.

Stormtail - A pretty tabby she-cat with white paws, grey tail, pink ears & green eyes.

Kestrelheart - A dark brown she-cat with green eyes.

Smalltail - A small she-cat with a short tail, green eyes, an orange coat with yellow flecks.

Icefur - A she-cat with a long ice-blue pelt, with dark blue flecks & blue eyes.

Blacktail - A tom with a black tail, dark grey pelt, ice-blue eyes, & black paws.

Firepelt - A tom with a fire-y orange pelt with orange flecks & a orange spot on his eye with green eyes.

Rushfire - A large ginger tom with dark flecks & bright green eyes.

Jasminepetal - A calico she-cat with blue eyes. She has a torn ear and a scar on her flank.

Echosplash - White she-cat with bunches of black patches and flecks, a scarred muzzle, ice-blue eyes, and a nicked ear.


Frogpaw - A dark brown tom with yellow green eyes.

Dustpaw - A dusty-brown coat, with brown splotches, & green eyes.

Blackpaw - Tom with a black pelt and blue eyes.

Icepaw - Blue grey she-cat with blue eyes.

Queens & Kits:

Bluepelt - A she-cat with a ice-blue pelt, blue eyes & is expecting kits in two moons.

Mistkit- A gray she-cat with blue-gray & white flecks.


Thornfoot - A brown tom with white paws & green eyes.

Splashtail - A she-cat with a dark blue tail, blue pelt, with blue flecks & ice-blue eyes.




You can roleplay your MoonClan cat here.

Creating Your Own Character

If you would like to create your own character please leave a request in the comments for approval. Once approved create a new page, add stories about your character, choose a name, make a Charart. If you need any help feel free to ask: Dappleheart, Moonstrike, or Cinderstorm.