Moonstar is the founder and former leader of MoonClan. Moonstar is a tom with a sky-black pelt with a large gold spot on his torso with gold spots and ice-blue eyes. His apprentice was Smallpaw before he died in battle with WillowClan. He was killed in battle accidentaly by WillowClan's deputy Darkshine.

Moonstar Tweaked
Affiliation: SpiritClan
Past Affiliations: MoonClan
Rank: Leader
Family: Mate: Splashtail

Kit: Dapplestar & Icefur

Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentices: Lionheart & Smallpaw
Status: Dead
Roleplayed By: None
  • He is happy in SpiritClan and is glad to be stripped from his responsibilities.
  • He has forgivin Darkshine.
  • He sends dreams to troubles MoonClan cats, to assure them and make them feel safe and home.
  • He is the newest leader to join SpiritClan.

When Moonstar lost his ninth life, he was greeted by Smallpaw, and as he guided his mentor up to SpiritClan. He was his first friend and he enjoyed making friends with other cats from other Clans. He wished that he could've known them when they were alive.