Affiliation: Kittypets
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: None
Family: Kit: Pinkie
Mentor(s): None
Apprentices: None
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: User:Cinderstorm
Nibbles is a light brown she cat with green eyes and a white spot in her chest.

Facts About Nibbles:

  • She loves being a kittypet, because she lives in a rich twoleg's house and is pampered.
  • She thinks that her daughter is happy in a twoleg home.
  • Nibbles hates kittypet food, so her twoleg owners have to give her fish.

​Nibbles gave birth to her daughter Pinkie in an Animal Shelter, then was given away to a couple of twolegs. Nibbles wasn't so sure about leaving her daughter behid, but there was really nothing she could do about it. Nibbles is now very happy, and has no idea that her kit was abused and came looking for her.

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