Affiliation: Place of Fallen Stars
Past Affiliations: WillowClan
Rank: Leader
Family: Father: Unknown
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentices: Un-named
Status: Dead
Roleplayed By: None
Nightstar is a dark tom with green eyes. He is a member of Place of Fallen Stars.

Facts about Nightstar

  • He hates Place of Fallen Stars
  • He plans revenge on the cat that got him in Place of Fallen Stars.
  • He had a soft spot for Dapplepaw, but was ignored once he was sent to Place of Fallen Stars.
  • He is scared of thunderstorms.

He first started to like Dapplepaw when he caught her hunting on WillowClan territory. Nightflint watched her catch a thrush perfectly, and a technique he has never seen before. He sought her out at gatherings and talked to her. She was sweet and cunning. He started to see her fall in love with a tom in her own Clan and Nightflint couldn't help but feel a little jealous. After that he started to grow bad tempered. He drilled apprentices and pushed warriors. After a while being swallowed by anger wore him out. He stopped. Later Nightflint was appointed to deputy and he became bad tempered again. WillowClan's leader was oblivious to the abuse but warriors were to afraid to report him. Plus, he was nice most of the time but he was was easily angered. Then Nightstar became leader and he was brutal. Finally warriors killed him 9 times. They knew it was the right thing to do because SpiritClan sent them a dream telling them to. The WillowClan warriors are proud to have dealt with their own problems.

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