Hia, this is Oceanfeather. I think I make charats a different way than most people on COTS wiki, so I'm going to show you how. Here are some images I have completed: Dovekit

Oceankit1 The way that I make charats, it makes it look a little like tin-foil. If you like this look, you are probably going to want to read on......

Lets Start!Edit

What you do first is click 'open new image' then select the blank. AWarrior, Female, Short

Now, on your left there should be a tool box. At the bottem there should be somthing that looks like a paint mixer. Click on that and seclect the color of your cat. Next, select the paint bucket then fill your cat in. (Don't forget your back leg!) Pixtut1

Now, select the tool that looks like a black ball on a stick and add your shading.

Pixlrtut2Now select your burn tool and add some darker spots.

Pixlrtut3Time to add eye color! Go to your color mixer and select the color of your choice. Now fill the eyes in with the paint bucket, then using black with your pencil tool, make two dots.

Pixlrtut4Now you need to add earpink, go to your pencil tool, outline the ears and fill them in and your finished!

Pixlrtut5TADA!!! If you need help, contact :

Oceanfeather 13:17, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

Satisfied Users!Edit

Okay, if this tutorial helped you, then post your finnished product on my talk page and it will go here!

Moonstrike: Ocean Tutorial Tester

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