Affiliation: Kittypets
Past Affiliations: Rouge
Rank: Kittypet
Family: Mate: Hopper


Mentor(s): None
Apprentices: None
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Cinderstorm
Olive is a spoiled kittypet who is dark gray she-cat with dark green eyes.

Facts About Olive:

  • She has a green collar with diamonds on it.
  • She hates going outside, but her twolegs make her because of her whining.
  • When the clan patrols come near, she almost attacks but then realizes she would get her paws dirty.
  • If she wants something dirty done, she gets her loyal mate Hopper to do it for her.
  • Her friend is Summer, who lives near BreezeClan.

Olive was born in an ally, left alone in a dirty dumster after birth. Then when some twolegs found her, she became a kittypet and was fed whenever she begged, had her own bed and a diamond collar. She loved her collar more than any thing, and if any clan cat layed a hand on it or her Hopper would slit their throat. Many of Hopper's friends wonder why he would love a spoiled kittypet who can't get her own paws dirty, but he just shrugs on goes on doing anything Olive demands.

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