Affiliation: MoonClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mother: Kestrelheart

Father: Tanglestraw

Sister: Sunpelt

Brother: Moontail

Mentor(s): Stormtail
Apprentices: None
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: None

Owlear is a brown spotted tom with amber eyes.

Facts about Owlear

  • He was the only one who lived through the quest, both his brother and sister died.
  • He is a very noble, strong, and kind warrior.

He is a warrior of MoonClan. His mother is Kestrelheart and his father is Tanglestraw. His brother is Moontail and his sister is Sunpelt. Owlear and his brother and sister went a quest to remove a fox that was invading MoonClan's territory. Moontail died during the quest when the fox bit his neck killing him instantly. Sunpelt who was devestated attacked the fox. The fox swiped and bite Sunpelt knocking her to the ground with a gruesome THUD. She died of a broken neck. Owlear ran back to MoonClan telling his clan mates. The Clan retrieved Sunpelt and Moontail's body and they are currently living in SpiritClan happily.

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