Place of Fallen Stars
Place of Fallen Stars

The Place of Fallen Stars is where cats from GazeClan, MoonClan, BreezeClan, and/or WillowClan that have died and were evil, wicked, malicious, etc. while living. They die and live in the Fallen Stars grounds and stuck forever. The Place of Fallen Stars is a dark, sun-less, evil place. No cats wants to live there, unfortunately many do indeed inhabit the sun-less grounds.


(According to ranks of when cats died)


Nightstar - Dark tom with green eyes. (WillowClan)


Mudshadow- A brown she-cat with blue eyes. (BreezeClan)

Medicine Cats:

Smallfoot - A orange tabby she-cat with green eyes & a scar across her body. (MoonClan)

Medicine Cat Apprentices:

Shellpaw- A golden she-cat with blue eyes and darker flecks. (MoonClan)


Scarface - A dark grey tabby tom with orange eyes & a long scar along his face. (GazeClan)

Hawkwing - Brown tom with white tail and blue eyes. (GazeClan)

Shredstorm - A stone coloured she cat with blue eyes and a scar winding down her tail. (BreezeClan)

Doveclaw - A light grey she-cat with dark green eyes. (Rogue)

Apprentices: None


Sparrowcloud - A grey she-cat with lighter grey splotches with blue eyes. (WillowClan)






You can roleplay your Place of Fallen Stars cat here.

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