Affiliation: MoonClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Apprentice
Family: Mother: Un-named

Father: Un-named

Mentor(s): Un-named
Apprentices: None
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: None
Sandypaw is a sand-colored she-cat with bright blue eyes. She is an apprentice of MoonClan.

Facts about Sandypaw

Sandypaw had a peaceful life any cat could wish for. Her mother was caring, her father strong but fun. She has no littermates. One day, Breezeclan attacked, killing her mother and her father in cold blood. Now Sandypaw is in the harsh reality. She has lost everything she loved, at a young age. Her mentor isn't the nicest and her friends sometimes treat dont her well. But she lives with it and it might possibly make her the strogest cat in MoonClan

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