Scribble is a pale yellow she-cat with light blue eyes. She is a kittypet.

Affiliation: Twoleg Place
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Kittypet
Family: Mother:

Friend: Coffee

Mentor(s): N/A
Apprentices: N/A
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: None

Facts about Scribble

  • She loves the rain.
  • She used to hunt with her friend, Coffee, who is a right next door.
  • She loves her toy mouse.
  • Scribble doesn't mind the tasteless food and the smelly water.
  • She dreams about the forest.
  • Like manny other kittypets, Scribble thinks the Clan cats are evil, and kill kittypets who wander into their territory.

Scribble stopped hunting with Coffee because she heard a unknown cat hiss while they were hunting. Her and Coffee made a run for it, and heard them being chased. They dashed into their Twoleg Place, and didn't return NEAR the forest for a couple of moons. Now Scribble and Coffee stare into forest all the time, but only Coffee has dared to enter a couple of paw-steps into the forest.

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