Skykit is light black tom with deep lake coloured eyes and a white, fluffy tail. He is the son of Rosefoot. His brother is Wavekit.

Facts about Skykit

  • Skykit was born completely black, even his eyes! But one night, there was a light in the nursery. When Rosefoot woke up, it was a colourful bird. When its beak touched Skykit, all the colour dripped out of it, and onto Skykit, then the bird turned completely black and died.
  • Skykit tracked his bother, Wavekit and an apprentice out of the camp. He snuck back in unnoticed. Then he tracked Moonstar! Moonstar caught him and he returned him to the camp. She was secretly surprised.
  • When BreezeClan invaded GazeClan camp, a BreezeClan warrior hurt Rosefoot, while she was winded, he scratched the warrior, surprisingly sending him howling home.
  • Skykit will be made into an apprentice soon.

More on Skykit coming soon