Affiliation: Place of Fallen Stars
Past Affiliations: WillowClan
Rank: Queen
Family: Kit(s): Unnamed
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentices: None
Status: Dead
Roleplayed By: None

Sparrowcloud is a grey she-cat with lighter grey splotches and blue eyes. She is a queen of Place of Fallen Stars.

Facts about Sparrowcloud

  • She died as a queen.
  • She willingly joined Place Of Fallen Stars, knowing she was a Place of Fallen Stars at heart.
  • She is the most collected and most thoughtful cat in Place of Fallen Stars.

When Sparrowcloud joined Place of Fallen Stars she was sad. She didnt want to be there and she didnt like the other cats. They were so full of hate and revenge. Yes she was like that to one time at her life but that was just once. Sparrowcloud hadnt ment to injure her kits. They left camp and needed to be diseplined. She really had not ment to hurt them.

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