SpiritClan is the Clan where BreezeClan, MoonClan, WillowClan, & GazeClan come to share tongues with their ancestors. They meet every half-moon.



(According to ranks of when Cats died)


Moonstar - A sky-black tom, with a large gold spot on his torso with gold spots & ice-blue eyes (MoonClan)

Gazestar - Black she-cat with grey eyes and white spots. (GazeClan)


Hollowfur - A blotchy brown tom with green eyes. (BreezeClan)

Medicine Cats:

Turtlewing - A spotted gray she-cat with green eyes. (MoonClan)


Tanglestraw - A black, white & orange tom with amber eyes (MoonClan)

Bearclaw - A black tom with a white spot on his nose. (BreezeClan)

Blackear - A grey tom with flecks of silver & a black ear & ice-blue eyes. (MoonClan)

Rainflight- A gray tom with dark blue eyes. (BreezeClan)

Sunpelt - A sunny orange she-cat with green eyes with yellow spots. (MoonClan)

Moontail - A golden flecked tom with a white/gold tail with green eyes. (MoonClan)

Berryleaf - A pale yellow she-cat with sparkling green eyes. (GazeClan)

Duskfire - A black tom with bright green eyes. (BreezeClan)


Dovekit - A brown she-cat with green eyes. (BreezeClan)




You can roleplay your SpiritClan cat here.

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