Spottyshine is an orange she-cat with white dots all over her pelt.

Affiliation: MoonClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Medicine Cat
Family: Mother: Kestrelheart

Father: Tanglestraw

Brothers: Mudpelt, Frogpaw

Sister: Diamondpaw

Mentor(s): Turtlewing
Apprentices: Diamondpaw
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Cinderstorm

Facts About Spottyshine:

  • Even when she was a kit, she wanted to be a medicine cat.
  • Her best friend in the clan is her mother; Kestrelheart, which is unusual, but everybody treats them with the respect they deserve.

Spottyshine's first herb she remembered was catmint. She remembered catmint because she ate it accidentaly when she wandered out of the camp, as a kit. From that moment on, as she watched her clans current medicine cat carefully tend to her wounds. She told Moonstar that she wanted to be a medicine cat apprentice, but Moonstar dismisissed her with the flick of her tail, telling her she was still a kit. Once Spottypaw was an apprentice, she immidiatly begged to become a medicine cat. She became the medicine cat apprentice! She felt bad for her mentor, but she told him that he was a great warrior, and any kits would be happy to have him as an apprentice. He smiled and flicked his tail. He has been noted to be feircly protective of Spottyshine. She thinks of him as a brother.