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He was born to Oaksplash with his sister Gingerleaf. Icespots was always well-spirited and so was Gingerleaf. They always got on the queen's nerves as kits, by jumping on each other's tails and things like that. Later, when Icespots became a warrior, he fell in love with the medicine cat Sundapple. They knew that their love was forbbidden, that did not stop that. But when he became her apprentice, things got akward, and their relashinship was demolished. His mother died from loosing too much blood, but he could not save her because Icespots had Green-Cough at the time and Sundapple could not save her alone. So Gingerleaf blames him for their mother's death, but still loves him.

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(Note, this is when she was a kit :3) A glow filled her eyes. What was this? Ah. She was only waking up...Why was I here again? Foxkit thought. She remembered. She didn't like the nursery. She didn't even like the Warrior Code. She wasn't even a cat with full warrior-blood. She sighed. Why did she ignore her family? Don't go there, it's full of mean cats that will kill you with one slice! Don't go to far, it's too dangerous for a kitten like you! The thoughts ringed in her head. Discovering that she would never see her family again was like the feeling of a sharp thorn being struck into her heart. Again, she sighed. She would have to live here for her whole live, live by a code, and fight. She didn't want to fight! She liked playing with the other kits as if they were warriors fighting for their territory, but she thought about it. I don't want to hurt anyone..... Why can't there just be peace in the clans? She thought. Then she dug her head into her arms, and fell into deep sleep yet again.

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