Affiliation: GazeClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Elder
Family: Mate: Unnamed

Father: Unnamed

Kits(s): Fawnkit (deceased) unnamed

Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentices: None
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: None

Tanglepelt is a confused elder with a reputation for hunting even in the coldest nights. He has light brown fir with orange, black and white spots and deep blue eyes.

Facts about Tanglepelt

  • Tanglepelt has a BreezeClan mate and kits.
  • One of his kits, Fawnkit was killed by his mate's father because of how angry he was at both of them.
  • He was forced into the elders den while waiting for his BreezeClan mate one night.
  • His kits know that he is their real father, but hide it because they want to protect their mother from getting hurt.
  • He is named Tanglepaw, because when he was a kit, he had fur sticking out at all angles.

When Tanglepaw started to fall in love with a BreezeClan she-cat. His father became raged when he found out. He demanded that he take a GazeClan mate but he refused. He lie low for a while but later Tanglepelt's love for her grew. They started to sneak out and see each other. One day Tanglepelt's father tracked him and found him with the BreezeClan she cat. He chased both of them away from each other. But no matter how hard he tried, Tanglepelt's father couldn't break their love. Later Tanglepelt discovered he was going to have kits! He was overwhelmed and dance around her in joy. Moons pasted and when the kits were born, Tanglepelts father learned of their father and snuck out of GazeClan camp. He was half successful in the murder of Tanglepelt's kits. Fawnkit didn't survive. BreezeClan and GazeClan learned everything and cast him out. They felt sympathy for the lovers, knowing that love was not a thing to be dodge. His kits now grow up in BreezeClan happy and free. Their mother has joined the elders den as well. They are happy as they are but they still mourn their daughter. Tanglepelt's father, Scarface, is a suspected Places of the Fallen Stars member.