Tanglestraw is a black, orange, and white tom with amber eyes. He was a warrior of BreezeClan.

Affiliation: SpiritClan
Past Affiliations: MoonClan
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mate: Kestrelheart

Kits: Spottyshine & Mudpelt

Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentices: Mudpelt
Status: Dead
Roleplayed By: Cinderstorm
Facts about Tanglestraw:
  • He died in a battle with BreezeClan.
  • He was a very loyal mate.
  • He hates Kestrelheart's new mate Blackfur, but he understands.

Tanglestraw knew he was going to join SpiritClan, but he was sad to leave his mate. He was glad she found another tom, but he just wishes it wasn't Blackfur. When he was alive, he always argued with Blackfur and he knew Blackfur loved Kestrelheart. He wishes he could meet Frogpaw and Diamondpaw, but is to afraid to enter their dreams because he fears they will not like him.