Chapter one CliffnotesEdit

  • Frostkit pounces on Foxkit, annoying her.
  • Foxkit mentions that Stonestream is not her real father.
  • A battle between ThunderClan and RiverClan takes place and Foxkit is captured.

Chapter two cliffnotesEdit

​Chapter Three CliffnotesEdit

  • Foxpaw, Hawkclaw, and [[TLOF/Willowpaw|Willowpaw]] go hunting.
  • Hawkclaw and Foxpaw fight eachother, but do not get injuries.
  • With rage, Willowpaw finally lets Foxpaw go on her own solo hunt after asking many times if he can go along.

Chapter Four CliffnotesEdit

  • Foxpaw meets a ThunderClan patrol.
  • Foxpaw meets Frostkit who is now TLOF/Frostpaw.

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