Affiliation: BreezeClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mother: Fireshade

Father: Rocktail

Sister: Dawnwillow

Mate: Flowerdust

Kits: Foxkit, Sandypaw, Dustkit

Mentor(s): Stormheart
Apprentices: None
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: User:Cinderstorm
Thistleberry is a light brown tom with purplish eyes. He is a warrior of BreezeClan.

Facts About Thistleberry:

  • His best friend is his sister Dawnwillow, becuase she is always there for him.
  • He has a mate who is very demanding.
  • His apprentice, Plumpaw is a very amusing cat.
  • He always has dreams about his mother, who died in a battle with MoonClan

Thistleberry was born to Fireshade with his sister Dawnwillow. Thistleberry & Dawnwillow were been best friends, even when they were kits. When they were younger, they always used to sneak out of the kit den and explore camp at night. This always used to get Thistleberry's mate Flowerdust jealouse. Then, when the three kits were made apprentices, Flowerdust was always draging Thistleberry away from Dawnwillow and when they were made warriors, Flowerdust asked Thistleberry if she could be his mate. Thistleberry had to say yes, because it would be too akward if he didn't. Then Flowerdust had her kits, and Plumpaw became Thistleberry's appretice