Affiliation: Place of Fallen Stars
Past Affiliations: Willowclan
Rank: Deputy
Family: Father:Redblood


Mentor(s): Wrentail
Apprentices: none
Status: dead
Roleplayed By: none
Tinyflower is a gray she-cat with a white tail and dark green eyes.

Facts about Tinyflower:

  • Her mother was Doveclaw, an evil warrior, her father Redblood, a rogue, and her sister Rosefoot, an odd cat
  • Her mate was Snakethistle
  • She never had kits because she died trying to kill Snakethistle
  • She is pure evil
  • Her friend is Darkshadow who is also a Warrior in the Place of Fallen Stars.

Tinyflower lived her life in the shadows of her Doveclaw. Tinyflower had a bad reputation and many treated her like a illness. This making her start to listen to Darkstar, a Place of fallen stars tom. Tinyflower soon wanted to take revenge on her clanmates for treating her unwell and leaving her out, but she wanted to see her mother die, more then ever. When Tinyflower learned of the other cats seeing the place of fallen stars, she met Snakethistle. He was a bright orange tabby tom from BreezeClan. She didn't want to fall in love, but he was so handsome and the greatest fighter, how could she resist? When she learned he was BreezeClan's deputy, she was even more impressed. Snakethistle only took notice of her when she beat his apprentice, Asprenfall in a training duel. After that, the two hung out together until the two decided to become mates.

When Tinyflower found out she was pregnant with Snakethistle's kits, she was overjoyed. She knew he would be so happy. Snakethistle would make an excellent proud father. She ran over to him at the Place of Fallen star's gathering only to see him with another she-cat, Lilyclaw. Snakethistle introduced Tinyflower to his mate. Tinyflower felt jealous, but pulled Snakethistle away and told him she was expecting his kits. Snakethistle let out a purr, surely she was a better mate then Lilyclaw? No, Lilyclaw and Snakethistle had already had one litter. When it was time to fight, Lilyclaw was a poor fighter, barely putting up a fight. Tinyflower was so angry she decided to kill Lilyclaw. Snakethistle was not impressed; he vowed to kill Tinyflower.

The next dat, Tinyflower was hunting by the river, then Snakethistle appeared and started attacking her. Tinyflower was so hurt, her own mate was attacking her! She died falling into the river, fighting Snakethistle, who won. Her mother was banished from the clans soon after, for attempting to posion Shadeflight, a queen.

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