Project Charart Tweaked!
Welcome to Project Charart's Tweaked page. This where if a Charart that is already that has been approved and you want to tweak it, you can! Rembember to get Moonstrike, Ivyheart, or Dappleheart to approve it! Do NOT change the current Charart. It must be approved! Make sure to ASK The original Charart maker. If they do not respond, do not tweak the image.

Happy Tweaking! ^_^


To get your Tweaked Charart approved go here.

Tweaked Charart ReservationsEdit

User Charart Date Reserved
Ivyheart None None
Moonstrike Dawnwillow Spottyshine 4-19-12


None None
Cinderstorm None None
Creampelt None None
Foxclaw None None
Robintalon None None


None None


None None


None None


None None


None None

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